Hero Xpulse 200T All New Colour

A picture of the new bike from its TVC shot just surfaced, revealing an improved model of the Hero Xpulse 200T. Now that we’ve managed to get our hands on another, much sharper photograph of the upgraded motorbike, we can validate many of the characteristics we previously saw while also learning some brand-new information.

The changes we saw before come first. These are restricted to adding a tiny fly screen over the headlight and fork gaiters at the front of the motorbike, where they are concentrated. A few further improvements are also visible from this new perspective on the revised bike, most of which are minor cosmetic adjustments.

The belly pan’s design has altered, and unlike the previous version, the new belly pan now completely encloses the bottom part of the exhaust bent pipe. In addition, the rear grab rail has been changed, and it now has a more practical appearance and a straightforward tubular structure as compared to the more stylized unit on the earlier bike.

The 4-valve engine recently provided to the basic Xpulse 200 is anticipated to be used in this facelifted variant of the Xpulse 200T. Although it’s difficult to see from this perspective, the new bike in this shot does appear to feature a little larger oil cooler.

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