Mercedes-AMG One hypercar begins dynamic testing

Through revealing new photographs and details of the advanced test phase of the vehicle, Mercedes-AMG has broken its lengthy silence over the troubled Project One hypercar project. The software only uses the name ‘One’ for production.

The hypercar will use a 1.6-liter hybridized, V6 adapted from the 2017 Formula 1 car championship-winning Mercedes-AMG, generating more than 1,000hp. The One hypercar will come with an all-wheel-drive setup, too.

The car was originally due in early 2019, but the date is understood to have been pushed back due to engineering struggles, which included getting the complex powertrain to meet WLTP emission standards using a petrol particulate filter but without compromising on performance.

Problems have also arisen with the idle speed of the F1-based engine, which in race configuration is about 5,000rpm. Engineers were tasked with properly running the device at an idle speed of around 1200rpm, which was described as a “great challenge.”

Research has now been going beyond static systems, relying on test tracks. The company is using its proving ground in Immendingen with the aim of “attaining a new dimension of driving dynamics and performance for a road-going vehicle.”

The engineering goals include the engine delivering “complete in terms of everyday output” and being able to run for up to 26 km in all-electric mode only. Whether the car will be able to meet the performance promises of the idea of a top speed of 350kph and going 0 to 200kph in 6.0sec is still uncertain.

Testing will switch to the Nürburgring early, where the company will possibly attempt some kind of lap record once the tuning is complete.

The hypercar has kept much of the style of the 2017 Mercedes-AMG Project One concept car. Minor changes to aerodynamic functions are apparent and could adjust again before launch, with track tests centered on calibrating the active aero components such as the louvres, front wing air outlets and rear spoiler. Further specifics of the One have yet to be announced, including its production-spec unveiling.

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