Hyundai Creta Bags 24,000 Bookings Since Launch

Coronavirus has sent the car industry into a kind of limbo but it seems that the Hyundai Creta is relatively unaffected. Since its launch in mid-March, the Korean carmaker has received around 24,000 bookings for it to date. We would only conclude that such figures might have been much stronger if the pandemic had not been present.

Such a response may be attributed to two facts for the Creta. First, there’s quite a positive public sentiment for the Creta moniker. The previous model became so successful that it produced an whole market, so it was deemed a value packed buy given its fairly inexpensive placement. Furthermore, the current Crete adds even more to the table, not just in contrast with the outgoing iteration but also with the Kia Seltos.

Below, the Creta and Seltos are very close. They will use the same frame and the same powertrains. However, the bodywork of the two and the interiors are completely different. The Crete provides what most car buyers like in the market-a panoramic sunroof. The Seltos also offers a sunroof, but it doesn’t stretch to the rear seats all the way back.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Crete, Hyundai has reopened about 850 dealerships across the country and more than 1000 service centres. And it’s fair to assume that if you’re making a reservation now, you’ll have to wait a while for shipping to take effect.

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