Harley Davidson New Model Sportster S

Harley-Davidson is preparing to release a new model powered by the 1,250cc Revolution Max engine, which first appeared in the Pan America. The nameplate on this bike was previously thought to be the 1250 Custom, however records submitted to the US NHTSA show that the next model would be named the Sportster S.

The papers also show that while the Sportster S will be powered by the same Revolution Max engine as the Pan America adventure bike, the power output will be different. The Sportster will generate 121hp compared to the Pan America’s 150hp, most likely owing to a different level of tune. This is most likely due to H-concentration D’s on mid-range torque.

Despite its 29-horsepower disadvantage to the Pan America, the Sportster S will still be Harley’s second-most powerful motorcycle, easily outperforming the 107-horsepower CVO Tri Glide. Its name has some intriguing connotations.

The ‘S’ suffix is generally used to indicate a more powerful version of a model, implying that a regular Sportster with less power and/or displacement might be released in the future. Because the Revolution Max engine was designed to be a modular platform with displacements ranging from 500cc to 1,250cc, a reduced Revolution Max motor may be used in the regular Sportster.

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