Ford Models; year ending discount Up To Rs 50,000

When we push into 2020, car manufacturers are promising year-end deals on many of their vehicles, and Ford has now gone ahead and entered the list. The American carmaker is offering discounts as well as funding plans that render it more profitable for new car owners to make purchases in 2019. Ford offers a 20-20 system in which a new car buyer will have to pay 20 percent of the sum in total and 20 percent after four years. In the meantime, consumers will have to pay EMIs at a low-interest rate. Here are the incentives are given on various Ford vehicles.

Ford Freestyle

Ford is offering a flat-rate cash discount of Rs 10,000 on Freestyle. If you’re looking to trade in your current car, you can also use a Rs 15,000 swap offer. Ford also offers a 2-year service package free of charge, and if you’re looking for funding options, Ford’s 20-20 offer applies to Freestyle.

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Ford Aspire

Ford has increased the cash discount on its sub-4 meter sedan to Rs 15,000 where the exchange bonus for trading in your current car is Rs 15,000 as well. In offering a 2-year service package free of charge with the Aspire as well as for those looking for finance, the 20-20 offer applies to the Aspire as well.

Ford EcoSport

There are no current incentives on EcoSport, but Ford provides a 2-year service package at no additional cost to the customer. Therefore, the 20-20 system often refers to the sub-4 meter SUV.

Ford Endeavour 2.2 MT

Ford is offering a flat Rs 50,000 discount on its largest model on sale in the country. However, the discount applies only to the 2.2-litre manual transmission variant of Endeavor.

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