All New Suzuki Hayabusa revealed

The new Hayabusa retains the power of the 1340cc four-cylinder engine, but much of the internal components have been altered, aside from the size and engine cases. Among several other changes, the engine is lighter with new pistons, new connecting rods and reworked fuel injectors. What comes as a bit of a frustration is that power has fallen from 197hp to 190hp, although the 150Nm peak torque is still marginally lower than before. Suzuki says, however, that the torque transmission has been updated to be stronger and the US website of the firm reports that this results in the ‘fastest Hayabusa ever’.

The region with the least change is maybe in the chassis. This cycle holds an old bike with the same (and proven) twin-spar aluminium frame. The measurements are also very similar, with an equal wheelbase of 1480mm. A redesigned, Euro-5 compliant lighter-weight exhaust helped Suzuki decrease the weight of the kerb by two kilos for a total of 264 kg. Although ground clearance is quoted at 120mm, the saddle height is 800mm – both numbers are significantly lower than on the old bike.

This is the one region in which the bike has made a significant jump forward from the old model. The 2021 model gets ten traction control levels, ten anti-wheelie control levels, three engine brake control levels, three power modes, launch control, cruise control, cornering ABS and hill keep control with a new six-axis IMU.

In addition, the bike is equipped with a new LED headlamp, and although most of the large dashboard remains analog, the user can maneuver through the vast electronics options with a new TFT monitor in the middle.

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