Toyota Fortuner Facelift Revealed In Thailand

The covers were pulled off the facelifted Toyota Fortuner and it appears a bit more sporty than the outgoing edition. The majority of cosmetic tweaks are on the front fascia as seen from the undisguised spy shots, but it also gets added features.

The Fortuner gets two distinct looks for two variants for the Thailand market: the base model and the Legender. Both get an improved front end, modern headlamps with LEDs, and a bumper style. The base model has a similar grille shape but a different design whilst the bumper looks more sporty with larger vents. The new Legender model looks like the model that has been spied on with Lexus-like front end featuring a small grille, large air dam and sleeker headlamps while the bumper design looks more like other global models from Toyota. It looks more sporty than the base model with a facelift.

The shape of the rear end and the tail lamps remains unchanged, but the layout for the LED elements is updated. The Fortuner Legender is having another, sportier rear bumper. Both cars also feature new designs for the alloy wheels, 18-inch base model units, and 20-inch double-tone wheels for the Legender variant.

The changes inside the Fortuner 2020 cabin are more subtle. The center console also houses a bigger touchscreen infotainment device with Apple CarPlay and T-Connect for wired car applications (9-inch display for the Legender and 8-inch display for base version). Other feature updates include a 360-degree parking camera, wireless charging pad, ambient lighting, and a slightly updated instrument cluster for the Legender variant. The powered tailgate also gets a kick-to-open feature.

The Toyota Safety Sense features such as lane-keeping assistance, adaptive cruise control and emergency braking system will not arrive in India. With its 2.8-liter diesel engine producing 204PS and 500Nm with better NVH speeds and idles at lower revs, the Thai-spec Toyota Fortuner also gets efficiency updates. The improved 2.8-liter diesel with the extra 27PS and 80Nm will make its way into the facelifted Indian-spec variant, whereas the 2.7-liter petrol is supposed to move on. It will be equipped with both manual and automatic 6-speed transmission models, as well as rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive configurations.

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