Maruti Suzuki Genuine Accessories Now Includes Personal Protective Equipment

As part of its ‘genuine accessories’ Maruti Suzuki now offers PPE kits and car care items. Due to high customer demand for such items, India’s leading carmaker has made this addition to their catalogue.

The latest products are part of its product line ‘Food and Hygiene.’ Under the PPE banner, the carmaker offers its customers a three-ply face mask, protective goggles, shoe cover, hand gloves and a face shield visor. This device is going to be incredibly handy when you leave your car in a public location.

The carmaker is selling two essential items under the car-care banner. The first is an internal vehicle cleaner that can be found in the cabin of a vehicle to sanitize the various touchpoints. The second element is a translucent car cabin partition that can be used to distinguish the front and rear cabin from each other. Although this might not be all that handy for private vehicles, it’s a function that we would hope to use very early in commercial cars.

All these goods rate between Rs 10 and Rs 650. In her communication, Maruti Suzuki has reiterated that these are not foolproof measures to stop coronavirus spread. However, these simple safeguards will hinder the virus to spread.

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