Tiago & Tigor JTP Officially Discontinued

The Tiago and Tigor JTP introduced in 2018 is formally discontinued by Tata Motors. The two cars’ JTP versions were the product of the 50:50 joint venture between Tata and Jayem Automotive which resulted in the creation of JT Special Vehicles (JTSV). JTSV’s aim was to create performance-oriented versions of Tata’s passenger cars, and the first fruits of this joint venture were the Tiago and Tigor JTP. Tata has announced that Jayem ‘s stake would shortly be acquired and that JTSV would become a fully controlled subsidiary.

According to Tata’s official statement, ‘challenging FY19-20, exacerbated by a mandatory change in regulations and the current COVID-19 pandemic’ led to the decision to terminate its partnership with Jayem Automotive, based in Coimbatore.

The Tiago and Tigor JTP versions came with the 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine from the Nexon, although in a retuned state. The Nexon prefacelift produced 110PS and 170Nm where the JTP cars made 114PS and 150Nm. Unlike the Nexon 6-speed set, both cars came fitted with a 5-speed manual.

Not only did the two JTP offerings feature a more powerful engine, they also had a less ride height smidge, retuned suspension, and smarter-looking alloy wheels wrapped in gripper, wider tyres. Some tasteful cosmetic upgrades such as JTP badging, a hood vent, blacked-out roof, an aurally appealing twin-tip exhaust and on the inside, an all-black cabin with red accents, contrast stitching and sporty pedals were complementing the technical changes.

Tata has ensured it will continue to provide all JTP owners with the required support. Maintaining these JTP offers should not be a hassle because they are based on widely sold Tiago and Tigor models and backed by the expansive service network of homegrown carmakers. Because only a limited stock of cars found buyers, the JTP twins appear to be well on their way to cultivating cult status.

As for the future, Tata has not yet made any official announcements but expect to soon see more performance-oriented versions of its current car lineup. Expect that these models don’t wear the JTP name, however. If you want to know the driving experience of Tata ‘s pocket rockets, here’s the Tata Tiago, Tigor JTP Test Drive.

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