The interior of Ineos Grenadier SUV inspired by the Defender

The Ineos Grenadier, Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s tough new body-on-frame 4×4 inspired by the original Land Rover Defender, has finally received official inside photos. They display an incredibly unique design that is obviously constructed for toughness and timelessness while remaining directed by the highest levels of practical logic at all times.

Grenadier has a true hose-it-out cabin made of ultra-durable, stain-resistant materials, with drain holes in the floor to emphasise the ship’s capacity to withstand the worst circumstances. Toby Ecuyer, the designer, says one of his main goals has been to illustrate that high endurance does not have to mean sacrificing comfort and elegance.

A flat, high-quality, centrally-mounted switch and dial panel dominates the Grenadier’s fascia, with its design obviously influenced by aviation and ship layouts. In the ceiling, there is an impressive-looking matching panel.

The switches are a mix of push and toggle designs, both of which are highly robust and suitably spaced to allow gloved use. They are more clearly labelled than in other automobiles, and the roof panel contains customizable auxiliary switches that are pre-wired and ready to use.

A 12.3-inch centre touchscreen controls infotainment features on the Grenadier (backed up by an i-Drive-style rotary button mounted between the seats). Grenadier has roughly two-thirds less microprocessors than competing 4x4s, thanks to the Ineos team’s efforts to keep the automobile as simple as possible.

Navigation, for example, is handled by Apple or Android smartphone features, ensuring that software is constantly up to date, however there is a built-in pathfinder function that allows expedition drivers to return to their starting point.

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