Skoda Enyaq iV Electric SUV With A Claimed Range Of Upto 500km

Skoda just tinkered with some aspects of the powertrain for the first hybrid SUV model named the Enyaq iV. The Czech manufacturer also promises to offer it in a variety of variants including a sporty RS version.

The Enyaq iV would be equipped with three separate battery strengths and rear-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive drivetrain options. Its base model will feature a 50kWh battery supplying the 109kW (148PS) electric motor driving the rear wheels and Skoda estimates a range of up to 340 km. The Enyaq iV’s next variant gets a 64kWh battery, a more powerful engine (179PS) and will do up to 390 km on a full charge.

For the Skoda Enyaq iV, the biggest battery choice would be an 82kWh pack which claims to deliver 500 km of range with an electric motor rated at 204PS. With the two AWD variants Skoda will offer this battery which will add an electric motor to the front axle. The basic AWD Enyaq iV 80X can provide total performance valued at 265PS while the AWD RS variant will have 306PS. The Enyaq iV in RS-spec would be able to run in 6.2 seconds from nought to 100kmph. It’s claimed that both AWD models have a range of up to 460 km.

Skoda claims the batteries would have a charging power of up to 125kW which will require quick charging in forty minutes from 10 to 80 per cent. Skoda has yet to announce the weight of the Enyaq iV but its measurements have been published. It is expected to be 4648 mm long, 1877 mm wide and 1618 mm high. Thanks to Volkswagen Group’s dedicated electric vehicle, the MEB, the cabin claims to be comfortable and its boot will give a luggage size of 585 litres, ensuring it will be introduced as a five-seater SUV. Since the Enyaq is comparable in size to the Kodiaq, it may in the future be able to get a 7-seater or 6-seater variant.

While only wearing camouflage has been exchanged with the Enyaq iV, we can illustrate some of the visual information. It gets distinct headlamps from LEDs, unique alloy wheels and what looks like a bigger grille design. The Enyaq iV appears to have a sloped roofline in profile which gives it the appeal of a sporty crossover. Any of the sharper looks such as the sporty bumper and the embedded roof spoiler may indicate that the electric SUV variant of the test mule seen here could be the RS. The charging port is situated on the rear quarter panel where most caps for fuel-fillers are mounted.

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