Nissan Will Now Sanitise Your Car For Free

Nissan India revealed it would sanitize its customers’ cars at no cost. Between May 15 and June 30 the carmaker will contact consumers and welcome them to antimicrobial sanitisation dealerships.

As part of this phase, all major touchpoints inside and outside the car including door handles, steering wheel, and gear knob will be sanitized by the Nissan dealerships.

Customers wanting to move a stage forward may even order a full vehicle sanitation. However, they’ll be able to pay for this facility. Nissan can use fogging devices inside the vehicle as part of the full sanitisation kit to disinfect areas including AC ducts and carpets. The car’s exterior will be thoroughly disinfected, too. This service will be given under the camp ‘We Sanitize to Protect U,’ which operates from May 15 through June 30.

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