Nissan Magnite Interior Revealed

On July 16, Nissan revealed the Magnite in their pre-production image. Although only the exterior was unveiled at the time, the carmaker has now published the official photos of the interior of the sub-4 m SUV prototype for a peek at what the interior of the final car would look like.

There are no unusual architectural features in the interior of this pre-production prototype and we plan to bring much of these components on to the final edition. It includes an infotainment 8.0-inch touchscreen interface that will possibly be linked to car software along with access to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This also states that the Magnite will be sold with a graphical instrument cluster in the middle with the gear indicator below it.

With a dual-tone car, Nissan compared the interior of the Magnite Concept to its exterior, using the same red and black scheme. The dashboard includes hexagonal AC vents with a honeycomb theme. For an uncluttered look, Nissan has positioned the central display underneath the vents. Climate controls with auto AC function get a three-dial layout and the LED display looks very much like what we see in some models of Hyundai and Maruti.

Push-button start-stop can also be seen with the button on the central console, instead of being next to the steering wheel. The steering wheel configuration of the final product would definitely look different but it does show that the Magnite will still provide cruise control.

The AC vents, steering wheel, center console and door panels display chrome decoration to the cabin ‘s quality. Nissan would also sell it with armrests at the front and back. Although the sporty front seats are having integrated headrests, Nissan is expected to be selling rear flexible headrests. The interior of the Magnite model appears to miss a three-point seatbelt, or even a headrest in the back seat for the center occupant. Nissan appears to be aiming his new SUV for those that are expected to use it as a quiet four-seater opposed to a compact five seater. Beyond this, the Magnite is supposed to carry a 360-degree monitor, rear AC vents, and four airbags.

The Magnite will be sold as a petrol-only variant by Nissan. It would potentially be equipped with a naturally aspirated 1.0-liter petrol engine (from the Triber) as well as a new 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. While the former is likely to be fitted to a 5-speed transmission, along with the normal manual gearbox, the more efficient engine may be coupled with a CVT. The naturally aspired 1.0-liter petrol engine is good for 72PS, while it is estimated that the turbo-petrol model would output around 100PS.

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