Nissan Kicks e-Power Launched In Thailand

Nissan introduced the Kicks for the first time in Thailand and it happens to be a really unique one. The Thai-spec Kicks incorporates e-Power technology from Nissan, rendering it a electric SUV that needs no external charging at all. The Thai-spec variant gets a refreshed concept which may very well be a regional facelift prototype.

Nissan’s e-Power device is made up of an electric motor, a medium displacement gasoline generator, an inverter, and a compact battery. Whereas the electric motor powers the pedals, the piston serves as a generator to power the battery when driving, removing the need for an additional charger. It allows the Kicks to drive like an EV without the anxiety of the range, and also be relatively cleaner.

The Kicks e-Power system uses a 1.2-liter, 3-cylinder petrol engine as the generator and the electric motor offers output of 126PS and 260Nm. Capacity of a battery pack is 1.57kWh. The Nexon Electric has a 30.2kWh battery back on it for use. Given that it has to be refueled rather than powered, the engine’s fuel consumption is reported to be about 23kmpl.

The new Kicks SUV comes with a revised front fascia, in terms of cosmetic updates. With sleeker LED headlamps, bigger V-motion grill with black surround and new bumper design, it looks sportier than ever before. For taillamps, the rear end appears mostly unchanged with new LED elements and the Thai-spec model has the back skid plate integrated into the body-colored bumper.

The Thai-spec Nissan Kicks cabin is identical to the one offered in the markets of South and North America, and is somewhat different from the India-spec edition. The main AC vents are located above the 8-inch touchscreen infotainment device integrated in the dashboard and do not appear as cumbersome as the free standing panel in the new India-spec Kicks SUV. There is a semi-digital instrument cluster with a 7-inch TFT display, a flat-bottom steering wheel and a revised e-Power drivetrain center console. Six airbags, active protection systems such as front crash notification and rear cross traffic warnings, adaptive cruise control, auto headlamps, 360-degree camera and engine start-stop button are other specifications on the Nissan Kicks facelift.

Although it is doubtful that the Kicks e-Power and its electric powertrain would arrive in India, Nissan might update the model offered here by borrowing concept signals from the latter. We expect it will go on sale in 2021. Nissan has previously claimed that it will test the viability of e-Power software in India, but there has been no statement regarding its launch so far. Thailand happens to be the second country after Japan to manufacture the e-Power software locally. The Thai-spec Nissan Kicks e-Power begins from Rs 21 lakh (converted to 889,000 baht), just to provide a price guide.

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