New Harley-Davidson concepts leaked

Sure Harley-Davidson is planning to bring major improvements to its model line-up and continue producing bikes in different styles. It was the all-electric sport bike of the group, the LiveWire, that kicked off the dramatic shift. Soon after the LiveWire, we observed Harley with the Pan America ADV machine and the Bronx sport-naked joining two more different pieces.

It doesn’t seem like the American motorcycle business is sitting around, however. Leaked papers from an investor meeting showed photos of a Harley-Davidson flat-track and a cafe-racer type motorcycle. The flat-tracker looks like the model, with its strongly installed exhaust device, flat seat and large handlebars. It seems to be a new take on the initial flat-track racers of one business. But that’s not what this motorcycle is going to be, it’s also supposed to be a strong competitor to Indian’s FTR 1200, if and when it’s launched.

Meanwhile, the idea of a cafe-racer-style combines architectural elements of the LiveWire and the Bronx. That being said, it has a peculiar semi-fairing around the headlight. Leaked Harley-Davidson designs and inventions made the rounds on the internet and the nature of these leaks led one to think it might be the same motorcycle. Although there is no detail yet on the specs of these motorcycles, these model bikes tend to be fitted with the Revolution Max engine which is also used on the Pan America and Bronx; nevertheless, these engines ‘displacements remain uncertain.

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