New Ford Bronco to debut in July 2020

Ford has released a teaser confirming a reborn Bronco unveil in July 2020. Easily one of the new products most awaited by Ford, the Bronco has been spied on several occasions in the run up to its official unveiling. Here’s what you need to know about Ford ‘s new SUV.

One of Ford’s best-known SUVs, the Bronco was part of the 1966-1996 American carmaker line-up. The original gen 1 Bronco, identifiable by its three-door layout, was also sold in two-door and roadster body styles. The reborn Bronco range from Ford is to consist of two SUVs. The smaller Bronco Sport will use the Ford Escape SUV underpinnings while the larger Bronco will share its platform with the Ford Ranger and Everest (India’s Endeavour), and will be offered in three-door and five-door versions. Both models will feature a retro, boxy design that pays tribute to the older Bronco.

Ford has not publicly released any specific information on any of the new models of the Bronco. However, it is expected that the Bronco Sport will be powered by the same engines offered on the Ford Escape, namely a 150hp, 1.5 liter petrol and a 250hp, 2.0 liter EcoBoost engine. It’s likely that the larger Ford Bronco will get the Ranger’s 274hp/420Nm, 2.3-liter four-cylinder EcoBoost petrol unit, and 2.7-liter, 330hp/542Nm, V6 turbo-petrol engine. A more powerful Raptor version of the Bronco is also possible down the line.

Details about the Bronco SUV’s features are sparse, although it is expected that the larger Bronco will feature removable doors and Jeep Wrangler roof panels. There is not anything more known regarding the design of the Bronco, however, it is fair to anticipate modern luxury devices such as touchscreen infotainment device, automatic climate control and more.

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