Kia Seltos Gets New Special Gravity Edition In Korea

The Kia Seltos is Korean carmaker ‘s regional product. It also offers a separate beauty kit named the Gravity Version that is sold exclusively in its home country.

Instead of the usual diamond pattern grille the Gravity edition features a studded grill design. This also gets the 18-inch aluminum wheels and a beefier rear skid plate of a special pattern. The choice of dark blue paint isn’t unique to the Seltos limited version.

Although the standard Korea-spec Seltos cabin features a black-brown dual tone scheme, it is sold with a modern gray and black interior scheme in the Gravity version. It makes the cabin look sportier than ever before but not as sporty as the Seltos GT Line’s all-black theme interior offered in India.

Like the X-Line designs seen in 2019 that were adapted for off-road activities there are no technical improvements to talk on. In addition to a 4WD range, the Korea-spec Seltos also gets 1.6-liter turbo-petrol and diesel engines. In India, Kia sells the three-engine compact Crossover-1,5-liter gas, 1,5-liter diesel, and 1,4-liter turbo-petrol.

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