Kia Motors India introduces ‘Kia Care’ initiative

The Korea carmaker has introduced the Kia Care initiative across all of its Indian touchpoints. With this initiative, Kia offers its customers, on a first-come first-serve basis, extensive vehicle sanitation free of charge for a limited period. This was done in an effort to prevent the novel Coronavirus from spreading. The Korean brand also confirmed that, under the security program, it has expanded the length of the free service by two months to take account of disruptions in operation due to lockdown. In addition, Kia has introduced a three-stage hygiene and sanitation policy covering cars, service centres, workers from dealers and consumers.

Vehicle Grooming system is the first procedure. This comprises of a detailed exterior wash, accompanied by interior washing, with a special emphasis on commonly utilized touchpoints (steering wheel, door handles etc.). To sterilize the car, the interior is washed with an anti-microbial solution accompanied by vehicle fumigation (using special equipment and a natural chemical). This will be available for a period of two weeks at every dealerhip.

Moving to the second protocol-Network Hygiene, allowing both dealerships and service centers throughout India to ensure high standards of hygiene for both workers and consumers. Which involves a three-shift dealership cleaning system , allowing sanitizer freely accessible to both consumers and staff in dealerships, and daily temperature tests.

Lastly, there is the-Your Hygiene policy, which encourages the usage of the brand’s automated service facility through the Kia Connect App, for arranging date, period, place of pick-up / drop-off and payment for the operation. It would popular workers interaction with consumers and discourage the infection from spreading. Customers with zero physical presence can even use the special Smartphone Classrooms.

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