Kia Introduce Multi-Stage Sanitisation Process For Services

The next time you take your Kia Seltos or Carnival for a regular operation, washing any bugs that might creep into your car will be completely sanitised. Kia Motors launched the Kia Care campaign, which takes a three-step approach to ensure a healthy environment for owners and employees at their dealerships and service centers. The company currently has 192 support touchpoints spread throughout the country’s 160 cities. Here’s what Kia Treatment offers

The automotive maintenance system involves a top wash and internal washing with an added emphasis on sanitizing daily touchpoints such as steering wheel, door handles and anti-microbial solution control switches. None of that is dealt away with by fumigating the engine with a natural material.

Kia must also adopt a three-stage sanitization cycle in its dealership or service facilities with every entrant. It would involve keeping social space, supplying hand sanitizers and daily body temperature controls.

All that choose to forgo all physical or human touch can still use the Kia Connect program to request digital papers, arrange the pick up and drop of vehicles and enter virtual workshops.

Furthermore, in spite of the lockout, Kia had previously announced a two-month extension for free service of the vehicles. For current owners and potential customers, several many carmakers have built end-to – end digital distribution and service systems.

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