In 2024, Dodge will launch an electric muscle car

Dodge has announced that an electrified muscle vehicle would be available by 2024. The information was released when Stellantis, the company’s parent, unveiled its electrification strategy for the next ten years. Dodge may become the first automaker to put an electric muscle vehicle on the assembly line if no one beats them to it by the deadline.

Dodge is recognised for producing muscle vehicles with exceptional straight-line performance. Its range includes the Challenger and Charger, the former a two-door muscle vehicle and the latter a four-door muscle car. While these automobiles are available with a variety of engine options, the huge supercharged Hemi V8 engines have proven to be the most popular among buyers. These V8s are famed for their blazing straight-line performance, and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon is one of the world’s quickest accelerating vehicles, clocking in at 0-96kmph (0-60mph) in under 2.3 seconds!

As a result, the fact that Dodge is developing an electric muscle vehicle may surprise some. Dodge, on the other hand, has disclosed that they have resorted to electrification to boost performance. Dodge experts think that internal combustion engines have reached a saturation point, and that electric power is the only option to keep delivering more performance.

Dodge has released a brief video of their forthcoming electrified muscle vehicle concept. A lengthy muscle car bonnet may be seen if you look attentively. The vehicle has a Fratzog emblem, which was used on Dodge cars from 1962 and 1976. Dodge claims they’ve utilised it as a nod to the future, ushering in a new chapter in their automotive history. In terms of specifications, the electric muscle vehicle will be built on Stellantis’ brand new STLA Large platform, which has a range of up to 800 kilometres and a battery pack capacity of up to 118 kWh.

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