Hyundai Venue Without A Clutch Pedal To Get New Manual Transmission

In India, Hyundai has launched a new Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) to be provided on the Venue sub-compact SUV with its 1.0-liter turbo-petrol engine.

The 6-speed iMT from the carmaker allows drivers to manually change gears without a clutch i.e. a two-pedal setup. It includes a gear shifter with an aim indicator, hydraulic actuator, and a control unit (TCU) for transmission. The TCU receives a signal from the purpose of the shift lever that the driver wants to adjust gears, and would then transmit a signal to strike the hydraulic actuator. That sends pressure to control the clutch and the pressure plate, i.e. the clutch is mounted and disengaged.

A manual gearbox with no clutch lever provides two main benefits over other comparatively inexpensive two-pedal setups like an AMT. In manual mode, an AMT changes gears in sequence, whether alone or by a nudge to the gear lever. In the meanwhile, the iMT allows a driver to shift gears with the same flexibility as a normal manual drive.

In addition, the iMT system removes some of the stress of driving a manual without removing the driver engagement. Hyundai promises a seamless shift from their new electromechanical clutch between gears.

The Venue introduced the 1.0-liter TGDi turbocharged engine produced by Hyundai in India. It just seems fitting that the 120PS sub-4 m SUV is India’s first Hyundai to get the iMT technology. The iMT will not substitute the existing 6-speed manual transmission system for turbo-petrol models of the Venue but will be offered as an alternative alongside it. This powertrain is also eligible with the option of a dual-clutch 7-speed automatic. That means that the Venue 1.0-liter turbo petrol will provide a total of three transmission options.

Hyundai is yet to release the prices for its new Venue transmission option. The iMT models are expected to be positioned anywhere between the standard 6-speed manual and the turbo-petrol SUV’s 7-speed DCT choices.

An iMT option might offer the convenience of two-pedal driving without having to exceed your DCT automatic budget.

Also sold is the Hyundai Location with a 1.2-liter petrol engine and a 1.5-liter diesel engine, all of which will continue to provide the same 5-speed manual and 6-speed manual transmission. The Place is reportedly priced from Rs 6.7 to Rs 11.51 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi). The coming Kia Sonet will also feature the iMT, which will share its mechanicals with the Venue.

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