Hyundai Creta with seven-seat version

Hyundai has started road-testing the latest-gen Creta 7-seat model, with the first set of spy shots coming out of Korea. This is the first time a three-row, 7-seat design can display the Creta. The research mule is sealed, but there are also a few noticeable variations. First of all, the grille inserts are distinctive and feature a more luxurious look, with chrome studs identical to certain versions from Mercedes-Benz. The bumper also sees slight improvements, along with the introduction of front parking sensors not used on the 5-seat edition.

The 7-seat Creta looks very identical to the regular car from the edges, but a closer glance shows that the roof is flatter, the C-pillar is slimmer and there is also the appearance of a rear quarter glass hidden in the spy image. Most definitely, the 7-seat Hyundai Creta would have a 20 mm longer wheelbase (at 2,630 mm, opposed to 2,610 mm of the 5-seat version) and will also have a 10 mm longer rear overhang, rendering the SUV 30 mm longer than the regular. In India, it will clash with the likes of the Tata Gravitas and the MG Hector 7-seat version, known as the Hector Plus.

The 7-seat Creta will reside in the global line-up of the company above the 5-seat variant just under the yet-to-be-revealed next-gen Hyundai Tucson. The next-gen Tucson, expected as a prototype last year, would expand in scale and also come with a three-row configuration.

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