Ford Launches Freestyle Flair At Rs 7.69 Lakh

The festive season has started in India, and Ford has unveiled a new Freestyle Flair version to lead off the anticipated batch of fresh or exclusive versions. It comes for the petrol at an introductory price of Rs 7.69 lakh, and diesel Rs 9.79 lakh. It is set to sit above the former Titanium+ top-spec variant.

The Flair version is based on the Freestyle’s Titanium+ model and, as such, does not incorporate any available enhancements to the Freestyle brochure. Nonetheless, it separates itself from the majority of the models with a range of aesthetic changes including a red and black motif prominent throughout the car’s interior and exterior.

The fake skid plate at the front is now red on the exterior, which coincides beautifully with the bumper ‘s black cladding. The rearview mirrors on the exterior display a mix of red and black colors and the top, now grey, comes with red roof rails to make it show. New decals were issued to the doors with the term ‘Flair’ scribbling backwards. Here too, the black and red theme is kept, with a bit of grey thrown in to make things interesting. Ford has given it fresh black aluminum wheels to top off the feel.

The improvements on the interior was limited to a fresh black and white upholstery. The red highlights are often held inwards, with the red door handles contrasting very well with the black interior. The ‘Flair’ logo even adorns the benches. Both these cosmetic changes are introducing Rs 30,000 to the Titanium+ model it is focused upon.

like the Titanium+ version, the Freestyle Flair version gets the FordPass feature that enables you to use your mobile to remotely check on the car. Besides that, there are six airbags on offer along with Active Rollover Safety that operate off the Electronic Stability Control system of the vehicle. Certain highlights include a 7-inch touchscreen, auto headlamps, auto wipers.

The Freestyle engine choices tend to be the 1.2-liter petrol engine generating 96PS and 120Nm, and the 1.5-liter diesel engine generating 100PS and 215Nm. All power the front wheels via a manual 5-speed transmission.

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