Toyota RAV4-based Suzuki ACross Mid-Size SUV Revealed

Suzuki has announced the ACross which will be its latest European mid-size SUV range. The latest SUV is part of Suzuki ‘s continuing collaboration with Toyota that involves swapping versions, including the Toyota RAV4-based Around.

The ACross front fascia and alloy wheels are new from RAV4 while the side profile and back end stay the same. Even so, the front-end styling of the ACross borrows from the China-spec Toyota Wildlander some design signs (and parts), particularly the headlamps.

The ACross interior is similar to that of the Toyota RAV4 except with Suzuki logos. It is a well-equipped cabin with amenities such as a 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system, double-zone climate control, ventilated front seats and plenty of storage space. The ACross also offers a range of active protection technologies such as automatic stability control, blind spot display, pre-collision program, lane assist and traffic warning rear crossing.

Suzuki launched the ACross as an All-wheel-drive plug-in hybrid vehicle. It has an up front electric motor with an 182PS and 270Nm performance rating, supplemented by a 54PS and 121Nm rear engine. The motors are powered by an 18.1kWh lithium-ion battery that sits under the ACross floor and Suzuki in pure EV mode reports a range of 75 km. Half of this powertrain’s combustion is a 2.5-liter petrol engine producing 190PS power and 227Nm torque. The hybrid system is connected to an electronic gearbox with e-CVT.

The PHEV of the Around comes with four types. EV mode allows you to drive the SUV on pure electric power while Auto EV and Hybrid Vehicle (HV) mode allows the gasoline engine to kick in from time to time when more power is required. Eventually, there is the battery charger mode to simply use the motor, which often serves as battery charger. Suzuki has not mentioned the ACross PHEV charging times yet.

Unlike the Toyota RAV4, in no time can the Suzuki ACross come to India early. The ACross will be ranked above the Vitara as the top-end SUV product in Suzuki ‘s European lineup, and can be dubbed the Grand Vitara ‘s spiritual successor. Start there is set for August 2020.

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