The Modern Volvo Cars To Have 180kph Top Limit

As part of its Vision 2020 campaign, Volvo announced it will have a speed limit of 180kmph as standard for all its upcoming models from 2020. The manufacturer will also offer a care key (starting in 2021) that will enable drivers to set additional limitations on the top speed of the car before loaning it to family members or younger and inexperienced drivers as well as valet parking.

Such technologies were adopted by the carmaker to achieve zero road fatalities. Malin Ekholm, head of Volvo Cars Safety Center, reflected on the project, “We think a carmaker has a duty to further enhance road health. Our technology speed limiting and the dialog it has initiated fits in with that thinking. The speed limit and care main allow drivers to think and understand that speed is risky while providing additional peace of mind as well as promoting safer driving behaviour.

Despite dividing opinion in the industry over the top speed limitation, Volvo has decided to implement it across its entire range. Volvo says that even if cars are equipped with the latest safety technology, in the event of overspeeding, it is not enough to prevent serious injuries and fatalities.

Volvo has cited contamination and confusion as other explanations for injuries or mishaps. It proposes to add in-car cameras and other sensors that track the driver to tackle this issue. It helps the car to interfere if an impaired or disturbed driver refuses to respond to warning signals and is at risk of a serious accident or death. The Volvo Vision 2020 initiative seeks to reduce to zero the amount of people who die or get critically hurt in road traffic collisions.

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