The 7-seater Hyundai Creta could get a unique name

Earlier this year the Hyundai Creta went on sale in India and as the original from 2015, the SUV is available in a 5-seat layout. As is well established, though, the Creta family will grow next year with the introduction of a new 7-seat derivative. We have now heard that the ‘Creta’ will not be badged for the current iteration but instead have a special name. The choice to go for another name may be to better differentiate the 7-seat variant that will be put above the 5-seat Creta version. Hyundai previously used prefixes and suffixes in the naming scheme, such as the i10, Grand i10 and Grand i10 Nios, but this should not be achieved with the latest version of Crete.

The name and three-row seating for the new creta derivative will not be the only points of distinction. The platform has been spotted testing abroad and spy pictures say that it will get style front updates along with more detailed rear adjustments. The redone grille will feature chrome studs identical to what we’ve seen on several Mercedes-Benz vehicles, although the addition of front parking sensors is confirmed by closer glance at bumper.

The 7-seat Creta should separate itself from the side with its rear quarter glass mounted in the center of the slimmer C-pillar. This variant of the SUV will also have a flatter back roof to make it simpler for its third-row passengers to provide more space. A brand new tailgate concept, full of larger and simplified taillamp modules, is anticipated to provide a unique identity to the Creta 7-seater.

Reportedly the Creta 7-seater is set for a worldwide introduction in 2021. Given the competition in Creta and in our demand for three-row SUVs, it is fair to say that India will be among the very first markets to receive the product. A late entry of India in 2021 appears extremely probable.

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