Self-service petrol pump started in Pune

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, a growing number of companies are looking to incorporate social distance into their daily activities. One such example is a Bharat Petroleum (BP) fuel pump located in Pune which, under a ‘Atmanirbhar’ campaign, has introduced a new self-service system.

This system negates the need for a petrol pump attendant to assist with refuelling, thereby encouraging social distancing.

There are three key ways a consumer can use the pumping system for the petrol. The first is to load by quantity of fuel for which the consumer may insert the required amount of petrol or diesel (in litres) on the pump. The second option is cost-filling, which allows the consumer to pick the quantity (in Rs) that they want to pay on petrol. The second is to fill an entire fuel tank by picking fill by volume and accessing 500 liters (automatic cut-off at maximum tank).

When the refueling process has been determined the consumer will take the fuel nozzle and continue filling their cars. What the consumer needs to do after that is place the petrol nozzle back in the boot and compensate for the gasoline.

Since there must no longer be an attendant for refueling vehicles, it reduces their unnecessary physical interaction with the customer and helps to maintain as much distance as possible. Additionally, hygiene systems are in effect at the pump to help reduce virus transmission.

The Bharat Petroleum fuel station located near the Pune Regional Transport Office is the first petrol pump to adopt this system as of now. In the future we might see more gas stations around the world embracing this self-service program to further curb coronavirus spread. Interestingly, although this is India’s first self-service petrol pump, this system has been practiced for many years now in the US, UK, Europe and other countries.

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