New Honda Forza

Honda posted a trailer on October 14 to announce that it would soon be adding a new variant to its Forza scooter line. The Forza line-up currently consists of two models-the Honda Forza 125 and the Honda Forza 300, respectively. The teaser concludes with the tagline, “Forza’s getting bigger.” and this could mean one of two things.

Or it may mean the launch of a new third scooter powered by a greater displacement engine, probably the 750cc model running the X-ADV. Or, on the one hand, it could also mean that the new Forza125 / Forza 300 is having marginally bigger 2021 engines. As a Forza 350 was showcased in Thailand a few months ago, this seems more likely for the Forza 300. This Forza 350 is powered by a single-cylinder 330cc offering improved performance than the original single-cylinder 279cc model.

The teaser video also revealed information such as the front cowl and engine casing which resemble the rest of the Forza series. Given the maxi-scooter style, the latest addition to the Honda Forza line-up is expected to include features such as full LED lighting and cruise control.

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