MG Donates One-Off Hector Ambulance To Vadodara Authorities

In its commitment to fighting the current COVID-19 pandemic, MG Motor India has donated a one-off Hector Ambulance to the Vadodara authorities. The ambulance was designed in just 10 days, with the aid of Natraj Motor Body Builders located in Ahmedabad. Recently, the carmaker has donated Rs 2 crore to health institutions based in Gurugram and Halol, Gujarat, to fight against COVID-19 for the necessary.

The Hector Ambulance incorporates a stretcher for auto launching, and an incorporated oxygen system. The medical attendant also has a hop table. The Hector Emergency pharmacy cabinet contains a five parameter console along with other medical instruments. In terms of equipment it has a battery and socket inverter, a fire extinguisher and an interior illumination. Except for the top light bar with siren and amplification there are no other modifications. On the hands, too, there is MG Motor baging.

Meanwhile, MG Motor India has also joined in with MAX Ventilator, a Vadodara-based ventilator maker, to increase their medical device production. In addition, the carmaker has received 100 Hector units for community service before the end of May. The SUVs will be distributed in India, and will support emergency personnel such as physicians and police officers.

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