Bajaj Discover 110 & 125 Discontinued In India

Bajaj Auto has revised its portfolio of goods to follow the latest BS6 emission requirements. Although most motorcycles have made the move to the new regulations, it has unexpectedly offered the boot to the Bajaj Discover range in the process. The Discover 110 and 125 bikes were withdrawn in the Indian market and did not reach the transition between BS4 and BS6.

The upgrade came as unexpected because the Discover nameplate is one of the oldest in the established business and has been in service for the past 16 years through multiple displacements.

Bajaj has experimented with the Discover series fast and loose for a decade and a half, with many versions for offer. The business began with the 125 cc model and later extended the range which included motorcycles-100, 125, 135 and 150 cc.

There was also the updated edition with more advanced hardware that included disk brakes, rear suspension monoshock and more, but struggled to get volumes. Throughout the years Bajaj had more than 30 versions of the Discover Name Plate on offer.

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